About Us

Busy Body Gyms To Go

Busy Body Gyms To Go was founded in 2001. Carlos Vazquez, President & CEO of the company, branded and trademarked the name so that Busy Body Gyms To Go would be recognized as the premier source for all of your fitness equipment needs.

At Busy Body Gyms To Go, we believe you can initiate and maintain your health & wellness regimen with a single piece of equipment, or with an assortment of pieces if you aspire to a more well rounded approach that incorporates all components of physical fitness. Whether your needs are for a residential or commercial setting, we pride ourselves on being a full service operation that offers the utmost convenience to our valued customers.

At Busy Body Gyms To Go, we assist you with the sales process, design, layout, delivery, and servicing. This means that you interact with a Busy Body Gyms To Go staff member at all times, never a third party vendor or provider. Having been a fixture in the industry since 1993, owner Carlos Vazquez has carefully selected the categories & brands of equipment to represent, all of which are widely recognized as leaders in the fitness equipment industry.

Busy Body Gyms To Go
Busy Body Gyms To Go

Carlos & the team at Busy Body Gyms To Go believe it is important that you don’t just buy a piece of fitness equipment, but rather that you purchase a product which enables you to achieve your goal of feeling better, functioning better, or even looking better.


Payment Is Not an Issue

Purchasing is no longer complicated now. You no more have to wait to make significant purchases with promotional financing from BUSY BODY GYMS MIAMI. You can pay over time and get what you want now. Apply Today!

Unique Credit Card System

Make large purchasing at your ease using a unique payment card. With promotional financing from BUSY BODY GYMS, major purchases don’t have to wait. Get what you need now and pay later at your comfort.

Take Time To Pay

Pay at your ease with no more strangling for more extensive shopping. Getting the most out of necessary purchases is easy with promotional financing from BUSY BODY GYMS BOCA RATON. Pay over time for what you want now.


Gyms To Go Shipping
Gyms To Go Shipping
Gyms To Go Shipping
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