For strength training, the right weight bars (or barbells) play a key role in helping you build muscles. These are the most versatile tool for building strength and can be used for any form of lifting. 

There are various weight bars on the market, making it harder to pick the right one. If you are setting up a home-based gym and want to add this weight equipment, then you are in the right place. Our store offers a variety of bar sets that can assist you in focusing on heavy lifting and effectively reaching your fitness goal.

Which Weight Bar is for You?

Weight bars are designed differently for men, women, and young lifters—the difference in shaft diameter, weight, and bar length set apart each type from the other. 

Here is the breakdown of some of the features for each weight bar. 

Women’s Weight Bar

These bars weigh around 15kg with a shaft diameter of 25mm and 79 inches in length. 

Men’s Weight Bar

These have 20kg weight, 2.2-meter length, and 29mm shaft diameter. 

Youth Weight Bar

They weigh 10kg and have a 25mm shaft diameter and a length of 67 inches. 

What are the Types of Weight Bars?

There are different types of weight bars available in the market. Keep reading to know which weight bar type suits you better. 

#1 Straight Weight Bars

These weight bar sets are the most common ones used for compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. They come in varying length ranges from 4ft to 7ft. Also, they vary in thickness, with the standard bars having a one-inch sleeve and the Olympic bars with a 2-inch sleeve. 

#2 Safety Squat Bars

If you want to prevent pain associated with squats, these free weight bars are ideal for you. These safety squat bars allow even distribution of weights around your shoulder.  

#3 Trap Bars

These bars are used for deadlifts and help improve your upper arms with greater effect. The trap bars have easier grips and give you a neutral grip, minimizing the strain on your wrist. 

#4 Triceps Bars

Triceps bars provide consistency in your workout, and they can also be used for other weight bars exercises aside from working on triceps.

#5 Thick Grip Bars

With these thick grip bars, you can lift heavy weights more easily. These bars help you build both muscle and grip strength. 

What to Look Out In Weight Bars Before Buying

There are a few things worth considering before you buy a weight bar. These are:

  • Finishing and Raw Material
  • Cost
  • Warranty
  • Grip Diameter
  • Build
  • Type of Weight Bar

Find the best deals from the nearest store to add more versatile equipment to your home gym collection.