Weight Bar

Weight Bars are the fundamental building block of every strength and conditioning program. Gyms To Go features a wide selection of barbells, curl bars, triceps bars, and more in South Florida.

Our quality weight-lifting bars come from the best companies, including Cap, Xtreme, Hampton, and Power Block. Whether you need a weight bar for developing strength, power, or muscle mass, our barbell meets the industry specs and gives you a secure grip and control during workouts.

Enhance your strength training with our top-of-the-line weight bar today.


Types of Barbells

  • Olympic Weight Bar: These are the gold standard in weight lifting equipment. They are precisely engineered to offer smooth rotation and optimal workouts.
  • Triceps Bar: The Triceps bar’s rather unusual shape, shorter length, variable grips, and unique design make it ideal for triceps workouts.
  • Curl Bar: Its zig-zag or W-shaped curved handle allows a natural grip and wrist position during arm workouts. The EZ curl weight bar is perfect for arm workouts and offers enhanced comfort and efficiency.
  • Straight Bar: A straight-weight bar is something you will see in every commercial and home gym. It is excellent for compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups.

Weight bars come in many different sizes, shapes, and variations. The best barbell for you will depend on your goals and the type of workout you perform. Different barbells are made for different workouts and muscle groups.

Gyms To Go has a variety of products for everyone to enhance comfort and provide effective workouts. Moreover, bar weights and barbells go hand in hand, so check our variety of weights. Keep in mind to start slow and move gradually to higher weights.

Build your muscles and invest in quality weight bars and weights. Visit any of the Gyms To Go Stores in Florida to talk to our experts and inspect our innovative bars yourself.