Lateral Trainer

Most machines in the gym promote the sagittal plane (front-to-back) of motion. At last, something has been designed to provide lateral movement— Lateral Trainer.  With this trainer, you can use more muscles in a smooth, controlled motion, burning more fat in a shorter period than treadmills and ellipticals. For this reason, a lateral trainer is an essential tool in every house gym.   

It can help tone your butt, core, and thighs. It offers a low-impact workout and is ideal for post-surgery recovery.  It can provide an effective warm-up for the lower body exercises like squats, lunges— anything that requires hip action. We at Gyms To Go have a selection of lateral trainers that can be a perfect fit for a home-based gym. 

Benefits of the Best Lateral trainers

There are numerous health benefits of a lateral trainer, which are given below:

#1 Strengthening of Your Lower Body

A lateral trainer targets your inner and lower thighs, glutes, and core muscles. 

#2 Good For Cardio

These trainers can help achieve target heart rates faster than traditional cardio machines. 

#3 More Calories Burning

People do exercise to burn their fat and remain fit. If you use a lateral trainer for one hour, you can burn around 800 calories.

Some Salient Features of Lateral Trainer

  • The lateral trainers take up a small space. Most of their models have a dimension of 3 by 4 feet. So, you can easily add it to your home gym collection.
  • All lateral trainers have magnetic resistance features that offer smooth resistance. The magnetic resistance is easy to maintain.
  • The heart monitor is available in these lateral trainers to monitor your heart rate. 

 As you are setting up your home gym, you might lack the space to accommodate so many exercise equipment. However, the lateral trainer won’t take much space and easily fits into your home gym. 

If you are planning to buy the lateral trainer for your home gym, talk to us or visit our store to select from our wider selection of training equipment from the top brand like Helix.