Streetstrider vs Elliptigo

ElliptiGo Vs StreetStrider [Difference, Similarities & FAQs]

ElliptiGo Vs StreetStrider [Difference, Similarities & FAQs]

In order to provide a low-impact and high-cardio workout, elliptical bikes are becoming more and more popular on city streets each year. It isn’t easy to choose between two top outdoor elliptical bikes. StreetStrider vs Elliptigo are both excellent choices.

Most people who look into elliptical bikes, watch videos and do research compare two brands; StreetStrider vs ElliptiGo.

Both brands are among the most popular elliptical bikes on the market today, and both produce quality equipment. Yet, while they are both well-liked within its growing community, their differences make them seem less similar.

Let’s compare head-to-head the most popular models from each brand to analyze their differences effectively.


Introduce the first two and one outdoor and indoor elliptical cross trainer. The StreetStrider gives you the combined benefits of running cycling and the elliptical without physical stress on your joints and body.

The low-impact elliptical motion is described as running on air. This is a full-body workout like no other, challenging your lower, upper, and core muscles simultaneously.

The three-wheel platform is safe, stable, and the intuitive lean to steer system works with your body’s natural movements to provide complete control while also engaging your core muscles.

With the indoor trainer stand, you can transform your StreetStrider into a stationary indoor elliptical just like you use in the gym in seconds.

Ace, the American Council on Exercise, says the StreetStrider is one exercise product that lives up to its billing. The product delivers as it promises. The Los Angeles Times says the StreetStrider isn’t just a home run; it’s a grand slam.

A study conducted by the Rose Medical Center found that StreetStrider burns 50% more calories than a bicycle, and the StreetStrider was named the best overall cardio machine by oxygen magazine.


You will learn about the logo box in this guide. As you prepare for your ride, remove the kickstand from the bike and position your foot on the platform.

Let’s start with the controls; just like on a traditional bike, you can find the gearing and brakes on the handlebars you look at. Go bikes also have adjustable stems and handlebars, which you can individually fit a variety of rider profiles.

You can either push off with your foot on the ground to gain momentum. While pushing down with the foot on the platform, or if necessary, you can hop a couple of times to gain momentum before fully stepping up onto the bike.

You’ll also want to make sure you’re in a mid-range gear providing moderate resistance for takeoff. Once you have gained momentum, begin pedaling and shift up into a higher gear as your speed builds.

You live to go long stride bikes using a long gated elliptical motion that engages your quads, glutes, and hamstrings as you push down and back through the platform. The arc, however, uses a more compact stride with more excellent vertical motion.

It also has a pivoting foot platform that helps generate power and efficiency throughout the pedal stroke. If you want to coast at any point during your ride, I recommend maintaining a level stance with your feet in the three o clock and nine o clock positions.

As you ride, focus on the proper form; don’t hunch over the handlebars or squat in a seated position. Stand up and ride tall.

More details on Elliptigo

StreetStrider Vs ElliptiGo: Which One Is Best?

A good elliptical bike is a very effective piece of exercise equipment. They’re becoming more popular all over the world. You can also have a good time without having to spend the whole day in the gym.

It’s also a great workout because it works every part of your body in one motion, just like an elliptical machine. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of these two great elliptical bike brands.

  1. Design

There is a world of differences between the two devices in terms of design.


There are only two wheels on the ElliptiGo frame. There is one front wheel and one rear wheel. To ride, you have to balance yourself.

Therefore, I can explain why the ElliptiGo is the most sought-after bike by professional riders. As with any other biking excursion, the experience is similar on two wheels.


While this bike has three wheels, the front wheel has two spokes, while the rear has one. So you can ride without worrying about falling over since the cycle balances itself.

Furthermore, this explains why the StreetStrider is considered the best elliptical bike for beginners. You can concentrate on your legs without worrying about the units staying upright.

Each bike has an aerodynamic frame that glides easily. Both aluminum and plastic are used for the bodies. Each model has different colors, but most come in bright colors.

  1. Steering

StreetStrider and ElliptiGo have pretty different designs of steering.


The handlebars on the ElliptiGo are not movable. They are only intended to keep the rider upright and maintain balance during the ride. You can pump your feet down when standing to help you up the hills with this bike.


To accelerate the bike forward on the ElliptiGo, you need to turn the handlebars and lean slightly, while on the StreetStrider, you need to move your arms front and back on the handles.

In both cases, the handlebars serve as steering devices. With the ElliptiGo, a single wheel acts as the steering wheel, while the StreetStrider has two wheels that operate as steering wheels.

  1. Comfort & Stability

Let’s have a look at two elliptical bikes!


The StreetStrider offers unparalleled stability during the exercise. In addition to the seatless design, it also sports a tremendous elliptical pedal that makes exercise more comfortable. Moreover, its outstanding stability feature is enhanced by two front wheels.


When you’re standing on this bike, you won’t hit the front wheel. It will relax your shoulders and lower back; as a result, making you feel secure. You can feel like walking or jogging when you raise your body weight to pedal more on elliptical machines.

Despite this, these two bikes provide you with comfort and ease while achieving fitness objectives. However, as a whole, StreetStrider wins out because of instability.

ElliptiGo offers the same seat-free format and elliptical pedaling, but it has two front wheels that make it more stable.


The speed capability will vary depending on the models you select.


ElliptiGo speeds range from 3, 8, and 11. The unit can reach speeds of 15 to 25mph. When riding a lot of hills, it is recommended to use an 8-speed or 11-speed gearbox.


There is a slight advantage in versatility and speed to the ElliptiGo range. StreetStrider is available in either three-speed or eight-speed models. A bike like this will reach speeds of up to 20mph.

  1. Weight Capacity

Overweight individuals can use both the StreetStrider and ElliptiGO. Comparatively, the StreetStrider holds 300 lbs. ElliptiGO, on the other hand, can support a slightly lower weight, up to 250 lbs.

It may not bother you if you’re underweight. On the other hand, the higher limit means a more muscular frame. That means fewer crashes and longer life.

  1. Storage

A rider can usually travel by their elliptical bike in an area away from home for elliptical bike riding. Both bikes can be easily stored in their respective cases, making traveling a breeze in their case.

In addition to folding and securing, the StreetStrider has quick-release handles that allow its handlebars and wheels to be removed easily. In addition to vehicle transportation, it can also fit in tight spaces.

Similarities of ElliptiGo & StreetStrider

Here, I also discuss the few similarities between the two bikes. Take a look!

  1. Foot Placement

A workout’s type and intensity are determined by foot placement. Foot platforms with a broader footprint are more versatile.

According to this criterion, both StreetStrider and ElliptiGO meet the requirements. They provide an adequate amount of space for feet, so a broader range of exercises is possible.

  1. Full Body Workout

It is possible to work out your entire body with the StreetStrider and ElliptiGO. You can work out every muscle and lose weight on these outdoor elliptical bikes.

Your thighs and hips get worked out as you pedal with your feet. In addition, the majority of the weight is carried by the shoulders and triceps while you hold the handlebars.

  1. Foldable

Elliptical bicycles suffer from a significant problem of portability. Both companies have created foldable elliptical bikes with wheels in response to this. When folded, the bikes can be stored easily using the lever.


Is the StreetStrider a good workout?

StreetStrider is a terrific workout because the arms and upper body play an active role in propelling the walker. It’s possible to offload some of your body weight onto the handrails of a regular elliptical.

How many calories can you burn on StreetStrider?

According to the calculated caloric burn rate calculator, people near 200 lbs riding a StreetStrider at moderate speeds could quickly burn more than 1000 calories in one hour, which is backed up by our data.

How many calories can you burn on ElliptiGo?

Elliptical bikes simulate running outdoors without impact, so they are great for cross-training. Most importantly, it burns 33 percent more calories at the same speed as traditional cycling. With just a half-hour of exercise, you can burn from 300 to 600 calories.

Final Thoughts

It is challenging to select between the two brands based on quality and performance. It depends on your experience level as a rider and what kind of features you expect from your bike.

An elliptical bike like the StreetStrider is ideal for a new elliptical rider still finding their way in this sport.

A good introduction to elliptical machines may not be the ElliptiGo if riding a bike is not your thing. Perhaps you won’t enjoy it and never will. On the other hand, ElliptiGo bikes are best suited for experienced riders or naturally balanced.

A buyer can find a lot to like about both brands. If you’re serious about mastering your sport from the get-go, then go for the more complex, high-performance ElliptiGo unit.

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