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Types of Dumbbells

Two types of dumbbells are typically used in home and commercial gyms.

Fixed Weights

Fixed dumbbells are the most common type used in every commercial gym. They come in pairs and weigh between 2 and 220 pounds or 1 to 100 kilos.

They are the best dumbbells for commercial gym because you often need 5 to 8 pairs, which can take up a lot of space. Fixed dumbbells are further divided into various types depending on the material and shape of the weights.

Types of Dumbbells by Material

Types of Fixed Dumbbells by Shape

Types of Dumbbells by Weight

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells allow you to change the weight according to your requirements. Their innovative design and technology make it possible to accommodate multiple weighted dumbbells in a unit. The type offers a range of weight options, and their compact design makes them ideal dumbbells for home gyms.

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