How to Do More Pushups?

How to Do More Pushups

How to Do More Pushups?

Press-ups or pushups are common exercises in basic calisthenics, but that doesn’t make them easy. When you learn how to do pushups properly and increase the repetitions per set, you can do more pushups in a set. To increase your physical fitness, you need to know how to do more pushups? 

There is no doubt that the pushup test provides an excellent measure of upper body strength and endurance. Due to this, pushups are an important part of physical fitness training for the military, police, and firefighters. 

Furthermore, you can learn muscle-isolation exercises that will help you become stronger and better at doing pushups. Anybody can easily increase their overall pushup count by following a solid routine and regular practice. 

How to Increase the Number of Pushups?

If you want to do cardio and strength training, you can start with pushups or add them to circuits that include high-intensity exercises. You can build up your pushup strength by creating a routine and making it part of your weekly workout routine if you follow it regularly. To assist you in getting started, here are several tips. 

#1 Start with Basics

Every other day you should perform pushups, for instance, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Warm-up by walking slowly, cycling on a stationary bike, or jumping rope. You should perform three repetitions with 30 seconds rest between each set in your basic workout. It would be better if you increased the repetitions every week by two to three. If you want to change your repetition baseline, test yourself in four weeks. 

#2 Do Pushups Properly

It is important to learn how to perform pushups properly so that you can increase the number of pushups, you can do at once and stretch out thoroughly before you start. Here is a proper way of the pushup in the following:

  • When conducting, make sure the balls of your feet are firmly affixed to a non-slip and preferably slightly padded surface, such as a yoga mat. 
  • You can also wear a trainer for additional foot support if it’s necessary. 
  • To avoid straining your neck, you should rest your head on the floor with your head facing down. Make sure your shoulders aren’t scrunched up to your neck. 
  • If you are trying to straighten your spine, make sure not to disrupt its natural curvature.
  •  Always make sure that the positions of your hands and arms are properly. 
  • It would be best if you bent your arms at a 90-degree angle after that. 

#3 Find Your Maximum Rep Count

Identifying our maximum rep count will help us increase our pushups. Put yourself through as many pushups as you can and write down how many you succeeded in doing.

You will not always reach your maximum when doing pushups. The easiest way to determine your number is when the pushups go from a comfortable feeling to one that requires tremendous strength.

#4 Increasing Your Numbers

For any exercise, figuring out how many repetitions you can do once is a good idea before trying to increase the rep count. Then you can do as many as you can. Following are some tips on how to do more pushups in a week. 

  • Adding reps will allow you to increase the number of repetitions per set. 
  • Perform three sets of three reps each before gradually adding reps to each set each time.
  • After you’ve reached your maximum of 15 pushups, do three sets of five pushups with a ten-second break between each set. 
  • You can raise the number of pushups you do each time after you’ve done that for a few days.
  • When you’re doing timed workouts, make sure to maintain proper form. 
  • Getting in fewer pushups more regularly is more efficient than trying to do a whole bunch at once. 
  • It is recommended to do pushups at least five times a week.

#5 Change Your Hand Position

If you are doing pushups, feel free to change the basic hand position. Pushups allow you to work on multiple muscle groups at the same time. 

To begin with, make sure you do narrow grip. By simply returning your hands closer together, you’ll be working your triceps more. It is also possible to do wide grip pushups by putting your hands further apart. 

#6 Begin A Daily Regimen

Make it a habit to do it every single day. No matter how many sets you do, it is completely up to you. Just start slowly, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. However, you will become better by exercising every day. 

Pushup Tips for Beginners

On your pushup set, there are two ways to enhance your performance. 

  • Do as many pushups as you can until your body breaks or you cannot perform anymore.
  • Pace yourself and take a break every 10-15 seconds, keeping in mind that you should complete each as quickly as possible.

In the initial test, experts advised 15 seconds of rest once you slowed down. When you have a three-minute running clock, you need to do this. In this case, with only one minute, the assessment is somewhat different.

For beginners, it will be beneficial to rest every 10-15 seconds because fatigue will begin to set in very quickly. You may be able to maintain a steady pace for at least 30 to 45 seconds if you have been training. 

Stop at one or two repetitions before failure, rest for five to ten seconds, and then repeat as many repetitions as possible until the timer goes off.

Wind Up – How to Do More Pushups?

It’s easy to boost your upper body’s power and explosiveness if your pushup score is lower than what you would like. You must get to work if you want to increase your reps. 

Practice makes a man perfect. To improve your pushups, make sure your shape is good, then start doing as frequently as possible. Even if we think we’re strong, there are always a few more reps we can do.

Attempt the pushup protocol as fast as you can for workouts, then take the test again to see how your performance has improved.

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