Over the last decade or so, kettlebells have become popular fitness equipment, and for a good reason. These are versatile equipment and are also cost-effective. 

Exercise with kettlebells can target many muscle groups and help to increase flexibility, aerobic, and muscle strength. These are best for strengthening abdominal and core muscles. 

We have at Gym To Go a wholesome collection of kettlebells from various brands. You can base training around these, and it is the perfect candidate for your home gym collection. We assure you that you’ll find the right kettlebell for your needs. 

Different Types of Kettlebell

Below are different types of kettlebells to help you with the best option to consider when buying for home gym. 

#1 Cast Iron Kettlebell

These kettlebells are considered the classic in the industry. They are moulded from a single piece of metal and offer the best value for money. 

#2 Rubber Kettlebell

Rubber-coated kettlebells with chrome handles are stylish and are pretty popular in gyms nowadays. The handles are smooth with a comfortable grip. 

#3 Urethane Kettlebell

Urethane-covered kettlebells have the best quality being strong and shock absorbent. These are well-suited for those who are looking for durability. The urethane layer keeps them fresh.

#4 Competition Kettlebell

They come in a standard shape and size, irrespective of the weight. These kettlebells’ consistent size is attained by hollowing the center of the lightest kettlebells. These are best for developing highly technical movements. 

Size Range of Kettlebell that You Should Buy

Generally, kettlebells come in the following weights:

  • 8kg (17lbs)
  • 12kg (26lbs)
  • 16kg (35lbs)
  • 24kg (53lbs)
  • 32kg (70lbs)

The kettlebell shouldn’t be too light or too heavy. It is often advised that the average healthy man starts with 16kg and the average healthy woman begins with a 12kg bell.  

Things to Avoid When Buying the Kettlebells

Here are a few suggestions that you should keep in mind while buying the kettlebells:

  • Too Thick Kettlebell Handles
  • Kettlebell Handle with Narrow Width 
  • Kettlebell with Bases
  • Sharp Kettlebell Handle
  • Completely Round Kettlebell Body
  • Plastic Coated Kettlebell Handles

Criteria for Choosing a Kettlebell

You should follow these three simple criteria to choose a quality kettlebell. 

  • Clean Finish
  • Durable Coating
  • Handle Sized Right for Your Hand

Where to Buy Quality Kettlebells

If you are new to exercise with kettlebells and want to do simple exercises, most of the kettlebells will do fine.  

Buying the right kettlebell is vital in achieving fitness goals. Visit us and get started with this fantastic equipment right away. Get the best deals at any of our stores.