Hampton DURA-PRO Urethane Dumbbells | 2.5-12.5 LB

Hampton DURA-PRO Urethane Dumbbells | 2.5-12.5 LB


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The Dura-Pro-Style Urethane dumbbell allows you to choose from both our Vertical Racking line and our traditional Horizontal Racking systems. This allows access to this dumbbell in a variety of free weight applications. The compact head design allows for maximize absorption- necessary for a commercial setting. The Dura-Pro is also backed by a 5 year commercial warranty.



Club Pack: 3 pairs Urethane Dura-Pro Dumbbells |2.5 LB, 7.5LB, 12.5LB

Easy to order complete sets make purchasing quick and convenient.

Dura-Pro 2.5 LB / 7.5 LB / 12.5 LB are made with virgin RUBBER heads instead of Urethane encased.

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2.5LB, 7.5LB, 12.5LB


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