Hampton HeroStrength “Nimbus” Ring

Hampton HeroStrength “Nimbus” Ring


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The HeroStrength® “Nimbus” Ring is designed to store your stability gym balls in the most simple and compact option. This halo-shaped “Nimbus” ring will allow you to organize and stack inflated gym balls; one on top of the other and prevent them from rolling away. Purchase additional rings to stack additional HeroStrength® Stability Balls for a Club Pack up to THREE inflated balls without the need for any bulky racking system.

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  • Each HeroStrength® “Nimbus” Ring is: 15.75″ Diameter x 6″ Wide x 0.55cm Thick.
  • Constructed of sturdy PVC plastic.
  • Simply fold and connect the latch into a halo shaped circle
  • Stack your inflated stability balls for an easy and effortless storage system.

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