Inflight Cable Crossover (CT-CCO)

Inflight Cable Crossover (CT-CCO)

Inflight Cable Crossover (CT-CCO)


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  • 150lb. weight stacks with ten 5lb. and ten 10lb. plates.
  • Chin-up bar standard.
  • Seventeen height adjustments.
  • 2:1 cable ratio.
  • Integrated foot block for seated row exercises.


  • Steel shrouds powder coated and clear coated for a mar resistant lustrous finish.
  • Two standard 150 lb. tiered weight stacks are each upgradeable in 50 lb. increments to 300 lbs.
  • Multi-Function and compact cross tubes available.


The Inflight Cable Crossover (CT-CCO) is the ideal solution for those looking for a versatile workout machine for their fitness collection.  The Inflight Cable Crossover was designed with angled cable columns and an innovative dual cable design that helps to reduce weight resistance while still offering a powerful workout.

  • It’s the perfect choice for physical therapy exercises and for maximizing the workout efforts for one particular set of muscles.
  • When using the Inflight Cable Crossover, simply affix the cable attachment to both pulleys and adjust the weight.  This allows users to easily add resistance just as they could with a traditional single-cable column machine.
  • Perfect for use in a variety of fitness settings, the Inflight Cable Crossover looks great and is easy to maintain for years of use.  Made by the fitness experts at Inflight, the Cable Cross Over is the ultimate choice in highly effective and intelligent fitness design.


The Inflight Cable Crossover (CT-CCO) offers 24 different height adjustments and 2 weight stacks that can be customized to each exercise, offering the most flexibility and functionality of any crossover machine.  A smart choice from Inflight, the Cable Crossover works well in any home gym, college fitness center or other fitness location, and provides maximum functionality for every workout.

Inflight Cable Crossover Features

The Inflight Cable Crossover comes with high and low pulleys for arm and leg exercises and 2, 150 lb. weight stacks for a more customizable workout. The weight-training machine also includes machine-grade bearings, which rotate on ABEC-1 grade bearings, resulting in the smoothest, quietest operation possible.

As a result, the Inflight Cable Crossover is the ideal choice for settings where reducing noise is always an issue, including in smaller gyms and in medical settings.

In addition to being incredibly versatile, the Inflight Cable Crossover is also designed to be very durable, standing up to all levels of workouts.  The corrosion-resistant finish looks great and is designed to resist scratching, chipping or dings.  It’s the ideal choice for those who want something that will stay looking great and that will function well for years of use with little maintenance.

Additional Inflight Cable Crossover Benefits

The Inflight Cable Crossover (CT-CCO) comes with fitted black vinyl covered molded cushions for added comfort no matter what motion is being performed.  All cushioned are professionally designed for maximum durability and are able to stand up to tough workouts.

The machine also includes all stainless steel fittings that are swaged to the 1/4” diameter cable for added security.

Inflight Cable Crossover Warranty

The Inflight Cable Crossover (CT-CCO) comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and parts and a 90-day warranty on the upholstery.  It doesn’t get any better than this folks. To maximize gym experience and training possibilities, check out the Inflight Cable Crossover today.

Inflight Cable Crossover (CT-CCO) FEATURES:

  • Frame Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: 132 x 44 x 91
  • Weight: 660 lbs.
  • Weight stacks 2 x 150 lbs.
  • High and low pulleys for arm and leg exercises.
  • Chin-up bar standard.
  • Weight stack shrouds sold separately.
  • Padding and Upholstery: All of our selectorized weight equipment is fitted with black vinyl covered HR molded cushions.
  • Bearings: All pivots rotate on either ABEC-1 precision ball bearings, contained in a cast or machined housing to provide smooth, quiet movement and precise alignment.
  • Cables: 1/4 diameter, 7 x 19 strand. All fittings are stainless steel and swaged to the cable.

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w/84" Crossbeam, w/ 54" Crossbeam, w/Monkey Bar Crossbeam




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