Inflight Fitness 2-Stack Functional Trainer

Inflight Fitness 2-Stack Functional Trainer


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Adjustable Cable Column comes with following options:

  • Steel shrouds are powder coated and clear coated for a mar resistant and lustrous finish.
  • Weight stacks can be upgraded in 50 lb. increments up to 300 lbs. each.
  • 4:1 Cable pull to provide over 13 feet of travel and lower weight momentum.
  • Five piece accessory kit with aluminum revolving long bar, ankle strap, triceps rope, short revolving straight bar, and functional exercise handle.
  • FID Bench available.
  • NEW  Storage solution – two medicine ball shelves and two kettlebell shelves.
  • NEW  Medicine Ball Kit (6-16lb).
  • NEW  Kettlebell Sets (5-40 singles or pairs).



  • Two 150 lb. weight stacks, ten 10 lb. plates, and ten 5lb. plates per stack.
  • 2:1 Cable pull.
  • Integral step to help reach the chin-up bar.
  • 24 Exercise heights to accommodate a wide range of users and exercises.
  • 88” Overall height.
  • Two nylon strap handles standard.


  • 62″(W) x 38″(L) x 88″(H)
  • 158cm x 95cm x 222cm
  • 705lbs.(320kg)
  • Two Weight Stacks 150lbs (68kg) each

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Only Functional Trainer, FULL Shrouds, Only 5 Piece Accessory Kit, Only 4 Piece Storage Shelf Kit


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