Low Row Footplate Attachment

Low Row Footplate Attachment

Low Row Footplate Attachment


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The Low Row Footplate Attachment is designed to provide a stable foot support to be used with the Lat Tower Option (WB-LTO) when connected to the Power Rack, Half Rack or Roller Smith (WB-PR, WB-RS, WB-HR). It can also be used with Lever System WB-LS for low row exercises.

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  • Dimensions (L x W x H): Width 21 ¼” (Footplate H: 7 7/8″, W:5″)
  • Product Weight: 10.0

Must be connected to any utility bench connector:

  • Power Rack / Half Rack / Roller Smith Utility Bench connector WB-UB18-CN or WB-UB16-CN
  • Levergym Utility Bench connector WB-LST-UB-CN

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Weight 10 lbs


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