Pro Series Safety Straps

Pro Series Safety Straps

Pro Series Safety Straps


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Safety straps offer some advantages when they are used in place of spotter arms. They damper noise when bars are dropped and protect the knurling on bars. They can even be positioned to roll a bar away from a training athlete or powerlifter in the event of a missed lift.

Designed to be easily and quickly adjusted, the Pro Series Safety Straps by Legend Fitness consist of two fully welded racking brackets. The brackets house heavy duty bolts holding 3″ wide double-layered black nylon straps. There is no need to remove the straps to make adjustments. Once mounted, the Pro Series Safety Straps can be easily removed and swapped for standard safety arms. The straps are 36″ long, so the Pro Series Safety Straps can only be used with our Pro Series full cages (the 3221-8, the 3264, and the 3321). They are not compatible with the 3215 Pro Series Power Station.

Rated at 58,800 lbs tensile strength, per strap. Because that’s how we do things.

Sold in pairs.

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  • Fully welded racking brackets.
  • 36″ long, 3″ wide double-layer black nylon straps.
  • Easily adjust or remove without un-bolting strap.
  • Strap Measurement: 36″ x3″ x 0.1875
  • Dimensions: 11″ x 4″ x 8″

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 8 in


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