Workbench® Short Cross Bar (WB-OB16)

Workbench® Short Cross Bar (WB-OB16)

Workbench® Short Cross Bar (WB-OB16)


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The Olympic Short Bar Accessory (WB-OB16-SCB) allows for a narrower stance between the upright adjustable bars on the Olympic Bench. The narrower stance allows the use of shorter bars and provides a reduced footprint where space is a premium. This short cross bar will only fit the WB-OB “Powertec Olympic Benches” made in 2016 onwards

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  • Product Weight: 5.0 lbs.

Will only work with WB-OB16 or later. With the redesign of the bench carriage, this short bar will not fit the WB-OB made before 2015

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Weight 5 lbs


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