Incline Trainer

We at Gyms to Go provide our customers with top-notch products at competitive prices. We aim to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle across the USA. 

From high-intensity cardio intervals to metabolic resistance training,  we have a whole variety of products from leading brands waiting to become part of your home-based gym station. 

The incline trainer is famous and a well-suited piece of equipment for the home gym. These trainers are multifunction machines supporting cardio training, instant calorie burn, and muscle strengthening. 

These trainers smartly combine motion and magnetic resistance to challenge athletes and gym trainers in high-intensity, low-impact interval exercises. 

Benefits of Incline Trainer

Here are the key benefits of using an incline trainer:

  • Joint-friendly Motion
  • Multifunctional: treadmill, elliptical, stair climber
  • Targeted Muscle Strengthening
  • Instant Calorie Burn
  • Cardiovascular Training

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What to Look for in an Incline Trainer?

When choosing an incline trainer, look for these key features:

  • The average incline for the cardio trainers ranges between 30-40%. However, you can alter the incline and resistance for muscle toning.
  • Before buying any fitness machine, measure your available floor space. More often, incliners take less space as compared to treadmills. In addition, these have attached wheels, which come in handy for repositioning.
  • These trainers have varying track designs: some are just like treadmills, while others have two long pedals (treadles) in place of tracks that promote low-impact exercises. 
  • The track length is usually shorter than it’s on a treadmill.  However, most top models now have 60-inch tracks or treadles, with a 22-inch wider track. 
  • Some incliners offer extra features like cooling fans, touch screens, and tablet holders.     

Gym To Go offers the new Matrix S-Force Performance trainer, which is popular for yielding great outcomes for users worldwide. 

What is the Matrix S-Force Performance Trainer?

Matrix has provided a state-of-the-art magnetic resistance motion system in the form of S-Force that works smoothly and quietly. It has a user-defined stride pathway. The magnetic resistance increases correspondingly as the athlete works harder, creating a more challenging and progressive workout for everyone.  

It provides two active positions: the acceleration position imparts strength in the shin and quad muscle groups, while the upright position activates and strengthens the calf and hamstring muscles.  

Who Can Use the S-Force?

The S-Force biomechanics offers a broad spectrum of users ranging from beginners to pro athletes. It is an all-rounder and can be used in small group training or in circuits.

A Word from Gyms To Go 

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