Inflight Fitness 108″ MEGA 3-Tier DB Rack

Inflight Fitness 108″ MEGA 3-Tier DB Rack


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  • The six heavy duty tray shelves of this commercial grade two rack system are properly spaced and angled for the easy removal and storage of a variety of dumbbells or kettle bells.
  • One inch tube front edge protects rubber dumbbells.
  • The rack feet are drilled for bolting down and have rubber pads to protect the floor.
  • 109” (2 x 54.5”) L x 35.5”W x 45”H and 508lb. shipping weight.


  • Two 54″ 3-Tray Racks
  • Available with 20 pair set of 5-100lb. rubber hex dumbbells (5009-2100).
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  • 109″ (2 x 54.5″)(L) x 35.5″(W) x 45(H)
  • 277cm x 90cm x 114cm
  • 493 lbs. (425 kg)

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Weight 493 lbs


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