Inflight Intimidator Power Rack

Inflight Intimidator Power Rack

Inflight Intimidator Power Rack


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The Inflight Intimidator Power Rack is the ultimate workout tool, designed to make it easy for individuals to safely meet their fitness goals.  Offering the most versatility of any weight lighting machine, the Inflight Imitator Power Rack makes it easy to get the hardcore strength-training workout that you’ve been looking for. Note: Weight Plates, Bars, Straps and Chains are not included.

  • With the Inflight Intimidator Power Rack, you can get a full body workout with one easy to use system.
  • Simply customize with your desired weights and weight bar, or customize with a chin up bar and barbells, and you can start strengthening your body today with a high quality fitness machine that you can depend on.
  • Perfect for home fitness studios, small gyms and even school fitness rooms, the Inflight Intimidator Power Rack is the ultimate solution for those looking for a multi-functional tool that helps them meet their current fitness goals.


The machine is perfect for both commercial and home use, as it’s highly durable construction and industrial grade materials make it a great value that you can depend on.

Inflight Intimidator Power Rack Features

The Inflight Intimidator Power Rack holds a number of different accessories (not included) in order to help you sculpt your way to better fitness.  Safely perform traditional squats, deadlifts, upright rows and more with confidence, as the Inflight Intimidator Power Rack is well suited for both traditional barbell and dumbbell workouts.

For the lower body, the Inflight Intimidator Power Rack includes a set of movable lower band pegs, which can be placed in five different holes on either side of the rack.  The spotter arms rack is also an important feature, as it gives you the freedom of working with a spotter, and offers the ability to twist the arms and lock them into position for maximum efficiency.

Additional Inflight Intimidator Power Rack Benefits

The compact size and easy to set up design of the Inflight Intimidator Power Rack makes it the ideal solution for those who are looking for a fitness tool that offers both versatility and solid design.

The Inflight Intimidator Power Rack is made with premium materials that are designed to stand up to tough workouts.  The rack is composed of industrial strength, high-grade steel and features a slim, yet highly functional profile that weight lifters of all skill levels will appreciate.

Inflight Intimidator Power Rack Warranty

The Inflight Intimidator Power Rack comes with a Lifetime warranty on the frame and the welds.  Coated with a non-corrosive finish and designed to stand up to every day wear and tear, the Inflight Intimidator Power Rack is designed to last through heavy, daily use without being scratched, chipped or otherwise damaged.

Inflight Intimidator Power Rack FEATURES:

  • Constructed of 2” x 4”, 11-gauge steel oval frame tubing
  • Inside work space is 38” front to back and 40” side to side
  • Large 1 1/4” diameter standard spotter arms extend 4” in front of the rack for outside work
  • 30 holes in uprights spaced less than 2 1/4” apart provide ample adjustment for the spotter arms and 3/8” thick over-sized J-Hooks
  • Eight standard weight storage horns are welded at a 2 degree angle to prevent weight plates from easily falling off
  • Two fixed upper band pegs and two chain storage hooks are standard
  • Frame Color – Silver
  • Dimensions: 67″(L) x 69″(W) x 97(H) 170cm x 175cm x 247cm

Optional Accessories

  • Adjustable Lower Band Pegs (Pair) – May be placed in five positions on either side of the rack
  • Deluxe Monkey Bar Chin-Up Bar – Provides 1.25” diameter front chin-up bar, 2” rear chin-up bar, and both parallel and diagonal angled chin-up grips in center
  • Deluxe Safety Spotter Arms (Pair) – 2” x 3” rectangular frame with riveted stainless steel surface for the bar to rest on. This surface will not peal, rip, or break. The rectangular spotter arms will twist and lock into place for ease of use and maximum use of space.

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