Motion Cage Studio Package 2

Motion Cage Studio Package 2


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The MotionCage is a series of functional training system exercise stations that can be configured in several ways to best suit any facility’s layout and needs. Configurations can include a Squat Rack, a Renegade Station, Dual Hi-Lo Pulleys, a Boxing Station, a Rebounder Station, a Wall Target Station, and more — all with integrated accessory hooks for bands and resistance straps storage, and shelving for kettlebells and medicine balls. Fitness trainers can train individuals or entire classes on the MotionCage system. A sleek design and colorful finish invite gym-goers to jump on and “Start a ComMOTION”.



Motion Cage Studio Package 2


    • Corner Posts
    • Connectors
    • 2 X Strap / Band Station
    • Dip Station
    • Platform Station
    • 4 X Corner Ties
    • Heavy Bag Mounting / Heavy Bag Station
    • Rebounder Station
    • Renegade Station
    • Tall 105.55” 5-grip Chin-up Station

* Comes standard with MC-7027. Can be substituted with the MC-7037 Short 93.14” 5-Grip Chin-Up Station. See below for more details.

  • 8 X Shelves
  • 2 X Column For The Mc-7018 & Mc-7019
  • Heavy Bag


  • MC-7037 SHORT 93.14” 5-GRIP CHIN-UP STATION+*

+ Cannot be combined with MC-7025 Renegade Station on same corner
* When MC-7037 Short Chin-Up Station is selected, package SKU is MCS-8002-S


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