Pro Series Single Unit Dip Attachment

PRO Single Unit Dip Attachment

Pro Series Single Unit Dip Attachment


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Until now, our Pro Series have accommodated dip exercises in the form of two independent dip attachments. This was a good thing in that they fit neatly into the standard Olympic bar storage when not needed. To complement cage attachment choice, we now provide the Pro Series Single Unit Dip Attachment – just in case you found the previously offered setup too wide, or if you would rather have your dip attachment occupy a single racking slot on one frame post as opposed to two.

The Single Unit Dip Attachment is fully welded. No bolts, screws, washers or filigree, just a single welded piece ready to get down to business with lots and lots of rigidity. Features include a carry handle, a racking number window, a deep handle design to make the barrel-chested among you comfortable, and really long foam rubber grips to accommodate users of different statures.

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  • Fully welded for the maximum in rigidity, strength, and durability.
  • Deep and narrowing design accommodates users of all statures.
  • Securely attaches via two case-hardened, 1-inch diameter racking pins.
  • Features a carry handle and a number window to take the guess work out of re-racking.

NOTE: Be certain to specify whether the dip attachment is for a half cage or a full cage, and whether you want it to hang on the left or right of the cage. The following model numbers account for the different mounting options

  • 3270-L For left side of half cages
  • 3270-R For right side of half cages
  • 3271-L For left side of full cages
  • 3271-R For right side of full cages

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Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 36.75 × 25.25 × 12 in


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