Pro Series Independent Dip Attachments

Pro Series Independent Dip Attachments

Pro Series Independent Dip Attachments


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The Pro Series Independent Dip Attachments comes as a set of two–a left and a right. Each piece is fully welded and features a one-piece curvilinear handle. They are fully welded and powder coated for ultimate durability and stability. The two one-inch locating pins inside the hefty sleeve to provide a secure lock on the chrome-plated racking of our Pro Series line of cages. The handles are crafted with an extra thick, round cross section for grip comfort and to reduce pressure on the ulnar nerve. When you’re not using them, both Pro Series Independent Dip Attachments slide perfectly (handle first) into the vertical bar holders of our Pro Series racks so you can keep them off the floor.

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  • Stores neatly into Pro Series cages’ standard bar storage.
  • Fully welded for maximum rigidity, strength, and durability.
  • Securely attached via two case-hardened, 1-inch diameter racking pins.

NOTE: The 3221-T is for the 3221 Pro Series Power Cage only. Technique trays for the 3226 Pro Series Half Cage and 3227 Pro Series Double-Sided Half Cage are model number 3226-T.

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Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 5.625 × 8 in


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