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HeroStrength Fit Bands


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HeroStrength® Fit Bands provide workouts that are perfect for personal training, physical therapy, and home gyms. Band exercises are popular due to the controlled movements and resistance-training that is so popular in today’s fitness market. You can easily take the bands with you anywhere and have a cost (and space) effective workout at your fingertips. HeroStrength® Fit Bands work your arms, back, legs, and gluteal muscles without needing to purchase expensive equipment or a long-term gym-membership. HeroStrength® Fit Bands come in 8 different colors and sizes.




  • A space-effective workout you can take on-on-the-go. Slips easily in your suitcase for a travel workout at your hotel
  • Latex material is durable enough to withstand the most advanced strength workout
  • Effective for those beginning band workout training
  • Use for pilates, yoga, physical therapy, or rehabilitation
  • Bands are popular workout and easily accessible items


HFB-1 HEROSTRENGTH Fit Band 1   (2080 x 4.5 x 6.4 mm) GREEN 1lb
HFB-2 HEROSTRENGTH Fit Band 2   (2080 x 4.5 x 13 mm) RED 1lb
HFB-3 HEROSTRENGTH Fit Band 3   (2080x 4.5 x 22 mm) BLACK 1lb
HFB-4 HEROSTRENGTH Fit Band 4   (2080 x 4.5 x 32 mm) PURPLE 1lb
HFB-5 HEROSTRENGTH Fit Band 5   (2080 x 4.5 x 44 mm) GREEN 1lb
HFB-6 HEROSTRENGTH Fit Band 6   (2080 x 4.5 x 64 mm) BLUE 1lb
HFB-7 HEROSTRENGTH Fit Band 7   (2080 x 4.5 x 83 mm) ORANGE 1lb
HFB-8 HEROSTRENGTH Fit Band 8   (2080 x 4.5 x 101 mm) BLACK 1lb


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